Life would be so easy if my daughter were content to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day.  I could just load up her lunch in a reusable container and send her off to school with her waste-free lunch in tow.  But life is never easy, is it?  And I can't really blame my daughter for wanting a lunch that's a little more exciting than the standard PBJ.  I figure, as long as she keeps her requests healthy ... like soups, salads and yogurt, I can do my best to accommodate.  But the problem is that many of these items don't pack as easily in the traditional reusable square container.  Fortunately, there are lots of green options to choose from ...

Foogo Thermos Leak-proof Stainless Steel Jar: This stainless-steel container is double insulated to keep foods at the right temp.  That means my daughter's soup stays piping for a good five hours.  It's light and easy for kids to use and has BPA-free plastic on the lid and exterior.  

Trudeaucorp Meal Time Food Capsule: I love this thermos just for it's sleek, sci-fi appearance.  It is guarenteed not to leak, so go ahead and use it for soups, hot chocolate or yogurt.

Fit and Fresh Kid's Salad POD: This cool little container lets you keep salads fresh and cool right up until lunch time.  It's got a built in ice-pack on the top as well as salad dressing dispenser with a knob that kids will love to turn to relsease the dressing.  And the best part is that the entire container is BPA-free.  

Stanley Food Jar: Stanley kind of wrote the book on quality insulated thermoses.  This one is leakproof and packable and it has a fork/spoon built in to the lid so you never forget it.  Fill it up with spaghetti, mac and cheese or stew.  Like all Stanley thermoses, this one comes with a lifetime guarentee.

Thermos Stainless Steel: I love this super cute stainless-steel thermos.  It's just the right size for a cold side like yogurt or pasta salad or a hot beverage like hot chocolate.