Like many six years olds, Connor Johnson is fascinated with NASA.  Not just because he thinks that space and astronauts are cool.  But because he sees himself as one of them some day.  Unlike many short-sighted politicians, Connor sees NASA as the frontier of the future. And one that he hopes to be a part of.

So you can imagine Connor's disappointment when he learned recently that Congress had plans to slash NASA's budget dramatically.  The little boy with dreams of one day working at NASA decided to do what he could to save the program.  He counted out the money in his piggy bank - roughly ten dollars and change - and planned to send it all to NASA.  But then he decided to do something even bigger.  

With the help of his mom, Connor started an online petition asking the White House to increase national funding for NASA.  He started his petition about 10 days ago and already has over 9,000 signatures.  But he needs 100,000 signatures by the end of December to bring his petition to the attention of President Obama.  

Want to help Connor reach his goal?  Click here to sign the online petition.

Here's more from Connor explaining his petition, and his dreams of working for NASA, from NBC News:


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Boy raids piggy bank, starts petition to save NASA
Six-year-old Connor Johnson has big dreams for the future, and he needs our help to keep them alive.