Is your week off to a rough start? Get ready to get inspired by an 11-year-old boy from central Ohio who's got more on his mind than deadlines and budget meetings. Matt Woodrum is a student at Colonial Hills Elementary School who has cerebral palsy. But he didn't let that stop him from participating in his school's recent Field Day events.


The video above is of Matt's fourth race of the day. He's visibly tired as he struggles through the run, but he doesn't give up, and he is rewarded for his courage and perseverance by a spontaneous outbreak of encouragement from his friends, teachers and classmates, many of whom ran alongside him, cheering him on as he completed his final lap.


The race was captured on video by Matt's mother. Now the video is capturing the attention of the world as more than 800,000 viewers have watched the video, calling Matt and his classmates an inspiration.


It warmed my heart (and moistened my eyes) to watch Matt fight with everything he had, and to watch his friends cheer him on so passionately.   

Boy with cerebral palsy inspires class at Field Day
11-year-old with cerebral palsy inspires his classmates — and the world — to keep going.