Last Sunday, as I flipped through the circulars in my Sunday, I did a double take on the Target ad — not because of any products that were currently on sale, but because of one of the models starring in the ad.


Target's new circular ad features a young boy named Ryan who has become an unlikely star in the modeling world despite what many might previously have seen as an impediment. Ryan has Down syndrome. But he also has blonde hair, blue eyes and a killer expression that exudes confidence.


Ryan's appearance in the Target circular comes just a few months after he starred in the Nordstrom catalog.


Ryan, boy in Nordstrom ad

And it turns out, Ryan is not just a cutie-pie by looks alone. In a comment his mom made on a recent post about his modeling career, she wrote:


"We are very pleased that Nordstrom placed Ryan in their catalog. The whole process of modeling is an extreme confidence booster for him. He received so much warmth and caring from the Nordstrom crew that he thought they were there just for him! We are honored that Ryan is making the Down syndrome community proud. He is a beautiful boy inside and out. He makes us better parents, and a better family."


Sounds like a beautiful family.

Boy with Down syndrome becomes new ad star
The world falls in love with a young boy with Down syndrome who is a new model for Target, Nordstrom.