Like many of us, 8-year-old Cieran Kelso loved Winter the dolphin ever since he saw her in the movie "Dolphin Tale." But unlike many of us, the young boy from England could relate firsthand to the story of a dolphin with a prosthetic tail. Cieran lost both his legs to meningitis when he was just a little over 1 year old. According to his father, Cieran's first words when he saw the film were, "Winter's disabled just like me."

Cieran uses prosthetics for running and other sports, but like Winter, Cieran had difficulty swimming until his father helped design and raise funds for a pair of prosthetic swim flippers.

Cieran, who describes himself as Winter's biggest fan, got to meet his idol earlier this week via a surprise trip coordinated by his parents and the U.K. tourism office.

Gary, Cieran's father, told The Tampa Bay Times, "It's just been a dolphin on a film for a long time and now it's real.. It's just a dream come true." "The whole holiday went far too fast and we were very sad to come home," he wrote in his blog. "But the memories will stay with us forever."

Watch the meeting between Cieran and Winter unfold here:

Boy with prosthetic legs befriends dolphin with prosthetic tail
8-year-old Cieran Kelso lost both of his legs at 13 months old and had difficulty swimming until his father helped him get prosthetic flippers.