Holy kryptonite, Superman! A new investigation by the Associated Press has found that a round of collectible drinking glasses featuring comic book heroes and movie characters contain excessive levels of lead and cadmium, two toxins that are extremely harmful to children.

The glasses in question are made in China and produced by Warner Brothers. The glasses depict comic book and movie characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman and characters from "The Wizard of Oz." In other words, all of the glasses feature characters that appeal to kids, and all of the glasses exceed federal limits for lead in children's products by up to 1,000 times, according to laboratory testing commissioned by The Associated Press.

The decorative enamel on the superhero and Oz glass sets contained between 16 percent and 30.2 percent lead. The federal limit on children's products is 0.03 percent. The same glasses also contained relatively high levels of cadmium, though there are not yet federal limits on cadmium in children's products.  

And Warner Brothers response to the investigation? They told the investigative team at the AP, "It is generally understood that the primary consumer for these products is an adult, usually a collector."

Really? Do they not know their own product market? I saw a lot of little kids dressed as Superman and Dorothy this Halloween, and those are the same kids who would go wild to use one of these collectible glasses to drink their milk.

Let's hope Warner Brothers gets with the program and pulls these glasses off the shelves before the holiday buying frenzy begins in earnest.

[via: Associated Press]

Cadmium, lead found in character glasses
Collectible character drinking glasses exceed federal limits for lead in children's products.