It's been 13 years since Captain Planet was last shown on television, and 25-year-old Marisa Picker of New York City can still sing the theme song in full. She's always wanted a wind ring. And — she coyly admits — she also thought Captain Planet was "hot, despite being kind of greenish..."

Marisa is not alone in her adoration of the 1990's eco-hero. Sam Brace of Tucson, Ariz., can still remember playing Captain Planet games with his friends where they would combine their powers to fight pollution. "Captain Planet is still my hero, and he’s always in my thoughts in some way when I’m taking pollution down to zero!" said Brace.

Picker says watching Captain Planet as a kid definitely made her want to be an environmentalist. That's good news for her and great news for the next generation of kids that will be able to watch full-length feature episode of Captain Planet right here on MNN, starting today.

Get your popcorn ready.

The eco-crusader has returned.

Captain Planet fans ready for the eco-hero's return
Captain Planet fans reminisce about the eco-crusader that inspired them to go green.