Just this morning, my 10-year-old daughter, who had previously shown little interest in driving, started asking me questions about how things work behind the wheel. From brakes to steering to shifting, she wanted to know how it all went together. I was surprised by her interest and more than a little freaked out by the notion of my little girl driving a car. I consoled myself with the fact that we still have several years to go before any of this becomes a reality.

Or do we?

Two stories out this week highlight the growing market of cars for kids. At the International Tokyo Toy Show this week, Toyota unveiled its Camatte 57S, a three-seater electric vehicle with a roadster body that puts the kids behind the wheel — and the parents in the back seat. At about two-thirds the length of your average car, the Camatte is made for kids as short as 4 feet. So, um, yeah, my daughter could easily take it for a spin. Top speed for the Camatte is around 28 mph, still a little nerve-wracking for this mom of a wanna-be driver.  

But if the thought of a 10-year-old driving makes you nervous, wait until you see the new car that just rolled off of the Porsche line. More of a go-kart than a car, the newest model from Porsche can be driven by kids as young as 5. It probably won't break any speed records like other Porsche models, but unlike the Camatte — which will only be available at theme parks and go-kart tracks — the Porsche Go-Kart can be purchased from Porsche dealers and online.  

I don't see myself buying a Porsche for my daughter anytime soon. So fortunately for me, and unfortunately for her, her driving days are still a number of years down the road.  

I'm sure I won't be any more ready even then.

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