It is the year 2015 and global warming has already begun to ravage the planet. Drought one week, flooding the next, followed by blizzards and intense winds that lead to an overall civil insecurity and the shortage of the "luxuries" that many of us take for granted.

"Carbon Diaries: 2015," a new book by Saci Lloyd, is a day-by-day look at what it might be like to directly feel the effects of global warming. Storms, wars and civil unrest have led the United Kingdom to try "carbon rationing," in order to limit the amount of carbon headed into the atmosphere. Carbon Diaries follows 16-year-old Laura Brown as she attempts to navigate carbon rationing, school, her parents, friends, love and music ... all while living through extreme weather conditions and an unknown future.

Written as fiction, "Carbon Diaries" could very well be a prophecy of things to come. This book should be compulsory reading for all teens growing up in the era of global warming ... and their parents.

Carbon Diaries: 2015
A classic tale of love, loyalty and carbon rationing.