Got a hankering to explore your favorite national park? Do it this week and you'll enjoy the fee-free week celebrating National Park Week. The theme of this year's week long celebration is "Healthy Parks, Healthy People," highlighting the connection between human and environmental health and the vital role America's national parks play in both.

Whether your prefer a 20-mile backcountry hike in Yosemite or a leisurely stroll around Philadelphia's Independence Hall, moving outside is good for you and gives you the opportunity to connect with American via it's awesome nature, culture, and history. And with free fees you can feel free to take advantage of the sites and even go back again and again all week.

This is also the perfect time to get a group together for a national park outing. Yesterday, I took my girl scout troop and their parents for a hike in our nearby Shenandoah National Park. Between the girls, their parents, and a few siblings our group makes up almost 50 people, so we were glad to take advantage of the free fees and explore our backyard park.

Lots of parks have special programs going on this week, so check out the National Park's calendar of events to see if there are any in your area.  

What's your favorite park to explore?

Celebrate National Park Week with free fees 4/18/2011
Get out and explore your favorite National Park and take advantage of a week of free fees.