As much as we all like to complain about our families, most of us appreciate having a place set at the table when it comes to celebrating the holidays.  Still, there are times when for whatever reason - finances, family issues, work, etc. - we wind up celebrating alone.  If that's your thing then by all means enjoy it, but if you're feeling blue to be alone for the holidays, here are four inspiring ways to celebrate:



Gather up the strays. You are probably not the only person you know who is celebrating alone.  Ask around at work or school to see if there are others in the same boat and throw a potluck holiday dinner to celebrate together.  You'll make new friends, share old memories, and find new ways to celebrate the season.


Volunteer.  Get to the heart of the holidays by spending your time helping others.  Volunteer to cook or serve dinner at your local homeless shelter. Bake a few holiday pies for your local firefighters or police officers, make a visit to a nursing home, or wrap gifts for your town's Angel Tree program.  


Skype the season. Just because you can't make it to the family get-together doesn't mean you have to miss out on Uncle Harry's jokes or Grandma Milly's holiday blessing.  Call in via phone or video chat and take the time to connect with family and friends.


Hit the town. If you know you will be sad to sit home alone, make it a priority to go out and about for the holiday.  If it's open, visit your favorite museum or coffee shop to people watch and take in the scenery.  Enjoy the football game or parade at a nearby pub.  Take a walk, see the sights, and enjoy the time you have to focus and calm your mind.


Celebrating solo for the holidays
On your own for the holidays? Celebrate the season with these heartwarming ideas.