They say that there are thinkers and there are doers. Charles Orgbon III is undoubtedly both. At the age of 14, this eco-teen has already thought longer and harder about what's troubling the planet than many self-professed "greenies." But Charles isn't content to merely think about environmental problems — he's doing something about them.

Orgbon is already the president and CEO of his own company, Recycling Education, a company he founded after several years of research and development.  

In an interview with, Orgbon said, "two years ago when I was 12, I started this website after learning all of the environmental crises that faced our planet. For example, before I educated myself, I had no idea that Americans throw away enough glass bottles and jars every two weeks to fill the 1,350-foot towers of the former World Trade Center.”

Thus he founded Recycling Education, an instructional website that covers every topic relevant to the environment, from green lifestyle tips to global warming. The user-friendly website serves as a virtual encyclopedia of green, a place where visitors can ask questions, watch eco-videos, participate in a green forum, join an e-mail list and even contact Orgbon himself.

Since its launch, Recycling Education has been able to reach out to tens of thousands of people. And as you might suspect, Orgbon isn't stopping there. He hopes to further develop Recycling Education so that it is more than just a website. Among Orgbon's goals are the organization of community events such as green fairs and litter pickups and the sponsorship of green initiatives on college campuses.  

Charles Orgbon: Eco-teen CEO
This 14-year-old's company, Recycling Education, is more than just a website.