Eleven years ago, Colleen Kleven was chugging along with life in much the same way that many working moms do. She spent her days working full-time at a local radio station and fielding phone calls from the teachers at her son's school (her son has ADHD) and her evenings and weekends grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. Sure she was busy, but all moms are busy, right? But one day Kleven realized she wasn’t last on her own priority list — she wasn’t on the list at all.  


"My wake-up call came during a phone conversation with a twenty-something coworker. Nat asked me the last time I’d gone out on a Saturday night. It was an innocent question, but when I grabbed my calendar, I was flabbergasted to discover that I had to go back 11 months to answer her. At that moment, I felt 150 years old, when in reality, I wasn’t quite 40."


She and two female friends began going out regularly, without their kids, and found what they were looking for: Time to concentrate on themselves. Eleven years later, those same three women are still at it. Now, Kleven is out to help women everywhere find the same satisfaction.


Her new book, "The Beginner’s Guide to Chick Night," shows women how to put themselves back on their list of priorities, reduce their stress and create supportive friendships to last a lifetime.


From the book:


"It is imperative that you understand why this practice is so important. The sad truth is that somewhere along the way, we women forget about ourselves. We forget how to have fun, we forget how to recharge our batteries, and we forget the importance of spending time with girlfriends. We simply forget!"


It sounds cliché, but it is also very, very true.  In fact, I would even take the concept one step further and suggest that we not only forgot to take care of ourselves, we purposefully ignore ourselves to avoid feeling guilty or appearing that we are in any way neglecting our duties as mothers.


"The Beginner's Guide to Chick Night" is a great tool for women who want to find the time and encouragement to put themselves back on the priority list. Here are Kleven's top three rules for a successful chick night:


Rule #1: Meet on a regular basis.
Rule #2: Meetings must involve chocolate
Rule #3: No kids allowed


Check out "The Beginner's Guide to Chick Night" to learn more.

Checking out 'Chick Night'
New book helps women find friendship and balance while exploring the joys of a girls' night out.