Almost every baby will develop a dreaded diaper rash at some point during her diaper wearing years. It's a very common condition that occurs when a baby’s bottom becomes irritated in the diaper area. It can be extremely uncomfortable for your baby, but in most cases, it will clear up in a few hours or days with a few simple tricks. Here are some natural remedies you can use to alleviate and avoid diaper rash.

Some health experts argue that disposable diapers are better for babies prone to diaper rash because they keep a baby’s bottom drier. Others argue that cloth diapers are better because parents tend to change cloth diapers more frequently. The truth is that neither cloth nor disposable diapers are better at preventing irritation. The key to preventing diaper rash is frequent changes, regardless of whether you use cloth or disposable diapers.

Fresh air
The best remedy for diaper rash is to take off your baby’s diaper and let his bottom get some fresh air. Let your baby go diaper-free for as often as possible each day, and make sure to change her diaper frequently. If this method works well for you, you might even want to try elimination communication and you can forget about diapers (and diaper rash) altogether!

Creams and ointments
A generation ago, the traditional remedy for diaper rash was a healthy dose of talcum powder applied directly to a baby’s bottom during diaper changes. However, health experts now know that talc-based powders contain tiny particles that can irritate a baby’s skin a delicate lung tissue.

Today, there are tons of creams and ointments on store shelves that claim to alleviate diaper rash, but many of these should be viewed with caution. Conventional diaper rash treatments contain preservatives and parabens that may be harmful to your baby’s health. Instead, look for zinc-based creams and ointments made without harsh ingredients such as the products made by California Baby, Badger, and Terressentials. Apply diaper cream liberally during each diaper change until symptoms are eliminated.

Cheeky diaper rash solutions
Natural and eco-savvy remedies for this common baby ailment.