Chinese New Year fan: Here's a craft that's perfect for all ages and abilities. All you need is construction paper and stamps to make this elegant fan for the Chinese New Year. Little kids can focus on decorating the fan while older kids will enjoy the whole process of turning the decorated papers into a handheld fan.

Ribbon dragon: Chinese culture shows great respect for the symbol of the dragon. Unlike in western cultures where the image of the dragon is feared, in China the dragon is held in high esteem for its supernatural powers, fertility, vigilance and poise. Celebrate this tradition by making a mini-version of the giant dragons used during Chinese New Year celebrations and parades.  

Handprint bunny: Even the littlest kids will enjoy painting this handprint bunny to ring in the Year of the Rabbit. Add a cotton tail and embellishments for the face to really make him leap off the page.

Paper lanterns: No Chinese New Year celebration would be complete without the addition of paper lanterns. These pretty versions are easy to make and require a minimum number of supplies — just paper and tape. If you want to get fancy, you can add glitter and sequins, too.

Good luck goldfish: Goldfish are a traditional symbol of good fortune. Gather up some good luck with these dazzling sun-catching goldfish made from card stock, tissue paper and plastic wrap.

Cubed bunny: Here's a video for one more cute bunny. This one is great for older kids who are learning to sew:

Chinese New Year crafts for kids
Ring in the Year of the Rabbit with these hoppin' good crafts for the Chinese New Year.