Global health advocate and supermodel Christy Turlington Burns will run in the New York City Marathon on Nov. 4, along with Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter, World Renowned Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell, The Smile Co-Owner Carlos Quirarte, Oiselle Founder/CEO Sally Bergesen and 45 other runners, to raise money and awareness for her nonprofit organization, Every Mother Counts. And she's asking mothers around the country to join her with a 5K run of their own to support global maternal health.


While the EMC team hits the pavement in NYC, Turlington Burns is hoping that supporters will create their own team, and participate in a 5K run/walk in their town on Nov. 4. You can start your own event, fundraise for one currently underway, or simply tweet and post about the issue to raise awareness and help mothers around the world get better access to health care.  


Why 5K? 5K is less than the average distance a pregnant woman in the developing world must travel to running womanreceive the basic health care she needs to deliver her baby. And often, 5K is simply too far to walk for a woman who is nine months pregnant, in labor, and has no access to transportation. By walking or running in communities across the country, Every Mother Counts aims to raise awareness about the distance that so many women around the world must travel to find adequate health care.  


Want to get involved? Grab a couple of friends and go for a 5K run/walk during the official ING New York City Marathon. A 5K is roughly 3.1 miles.  Take a pic of your clan and share it on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word. You can also post your pic to the Every Mother Counts Facebook page or email it to the group at  


Another cool way to help is to use the free Charity Miles app to track your miles anytime you run or walk. Every Mother Counts earns 25 cents for every mile you log on this app, whenever you walk or run, regardless of the distance. You can download the app to your iPhone or Android and really make every mile count!


Christy Turlington Burns runs for moms
Health advocate and supermodel Christy Turlington Burns will run the NYC Marathon to raise awareness for global maternal health. And she's asking you to join h