Here's a shocker: A new study shows that if something looks like candy, smells like candy, and tastes like candy ... guess what? Kids are gonna think it's candy — even if it's actually a dissolvable nicotine product supposedly only marketed to adults.

Camel Orbs, like those pictured above, are pellets made of finely ground tobacco with mint or cinnamon flavoring. The pellets dissolve in the mouth, like breath mints. But make no mistake, they're not breath mints, and they're certainly not candy. The pellets are packed with nicotine that can poison children and lure young people to start using tobacco. 

A new study, released by the journal Pediatrics, found that Camel Orbs had an extremely high level of absorbable nicotine because of the alkalinity of the product. Still David Howard, a Reynolds spokesman, said Camel Orbs were marketed only for adults and come in child-resistant containers. He denied that they look like Tic Tac mints.

“Those packages don’t at all look alike to me,” Howard said in an interview with the New York Times. 

That's just denial at its finest, if you ask me. But nobody asked me. What do you think? Do Camel Orbs look like candy or have I gone stark-raving mad?  

Cigarette 'candy' can poison kids
Study says Camel Orbs look (and taste) too sweet to kids.