Headed off to college? If it's your first trip, it may seem like a daunting experience. You need to move in, pick up your schedule, find your way around campus — and hopefully meet a few friends along the way. Don't worry! You can tackle each obstacle one at a time and before you know it, you'll be a pro and bopping around campus and sneaking in study breaks to chat with friends. Take a deep breath and get started.

Assess the situation. Before you unpack, take a look around your new space and get a feel for how and where everything will work. It may seem logical to put your books near your desk, but if you do most of your studying in bed, it makes more sense to set them up on a side table or tucked in an under-the-bed tote. And since college dorms and apartments are not typically in pristine condition, be sure to assess any damage to your new digs ahead of time so that you don't get hit with any extra fees on move-out day for pre-existing issues.

Send 'em packing. The parents that is. Be sure to thank your folks for all of their help with moving, and then send them on their way. Sure, it's tempting to hang with them for a while longer (and nerve-racking to hang by yourself in this new place) but from here on out, you need to find your way by yourself. 

Take a tour. Once you get settled into your new home, grab a campus map and your course schedule and go for a walk. Make sure you know where the cafeteria is as well as the location of all of your classes. There's nothing worse then walking into a lecture 10 minutes late on the first day because you couldn't find the room!

Be out there. Even if you are incredibly shy — actually, especially if you are incredibly shy — you should plan to attend any Welcome Week activities held at your school. If it's not your scene, you can always hide away in your room for the rest of the school year. But this is the one time of year when everyone else is as new and nervous as you are. And hey, you just might meet a few friends to make this whole scary transition a little easier.  

There, that wasn't so hard was it? Now get cracking and have an awesome school year!

College 101: Tips for settling in
How to get organized, find your way, and meet friends as you head off on your grand new adventure.