As Valentine's Day rolls around, engagement will be on the minds of many a hopeful man or woman. Some may set the scene with roses, candles or romantic music. Others may choose an expensive night out to highlight the event. But those in the know say the best way to get your significant other to propose is to make him a chicken. And not just any chicken — Engagement Chicken.

I'm actually not joking about this. There is such a thing as Engagement Chicken and there are leagues of followers who believe that it's lemony goodness is the clear path to a lover's heart. 

The idea for the Engagement Chicken came along 30 years ago when an editor at Glamour magazine created the recipe. Since that time, the legend of the chicken has grown, with legions of women claiming that it has helped them land their man.

The recipe made a recent resurgence with an appearance on "Good Morning America" that brought the twittersphere to life with lively comments.

Most are skeptical of the Engagement Chicken's powers. But every now and again, there's a post like this one from @KateEmmons. And, just like that, the legend of the Engagement Chicken — and it's secret "marry me juices" — lives on.
Want to give it a try? Here's the recipe from Glamour magazine, and if you want a good chicken dinner minus the commitment, we have some other great chicken recipes to share.

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