Do your kids panic when you mention Meatless Mondays? Do they turn their nose up at any food deemed (gasp) vegetarian? Like it or not, vegetarian meals are better for your family's health, better for your wallet, and infinitely better for the planet. The good news is that it's not nearly as hard as you may think to go meatless. Even the biggest meat-lovers will be happy to hold the beef now and again if you keep these quick tips in mind.  

Mix it up: Worried that your kids will miss out on protein if they don't have meat at every meal? They won't. Animal products aren't the only good sources of protein. Good veggie choices include veggie burgers (17 grams), beans (15 grams) and cottage cheese (13 grams.) In fact, even many brands of plain old cooked spaghetti have around 8 grams of protein per cup.

Stick with the basics: If you're kids are really hesitant about going meatless, sneak it past them by serving up vegetarian options that are probably already among their favorites (think cheese pizza, bean burritos, veggie lasagna, quiche and spaghetti.)

Pique their interest in peer pressure: If there were ever a case when you would want your kids to be influenced by their peers, it's now. Vegetarianism is a booming trend among teens, so it may be a far easier sell than you may think!

Convincing kids to hold the beef
Easy ways to convince kids to hold the beef and dig into to the veggies.