Lois and John Lafferty always loved a good adventure. It's safe to say that at the end of their days, they got just that. The couple recently embarked upon a final voyage together as their ashes were released 72,000 feet above the Earth's surface via a weather balloon.

It's an interesting way to say goodbye. (Other unusual options include being made into diamonds, a vinyl record, or perhaps just getting buried in a reef ball.)

But for John and Lois, it was all about adventure. They married later in life, but still managed to spend many days taking trips together. So when the couple passed away, it seemed only natural that Lois's daughter, Misty, would want to send them off in a manner that matched their adventurous spirits. 

Lois and John, or actually the families of Lois and John, became the first customers of Mesoloft, a company that specializes in launching ashes into the atmosphere using a weather balloon. According to Mesoloft, the couple's remains will likely land on mountaintops, valleys, deserts and oceans. It seems like the perfect final journey for a pair of traveling buddies. Mesoloft even provided GPS data for the family to track their journey.

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Promotional image: Mesoloft/YouTube

Couple's ashes scattered at 72,000 feet
The family of Lois and John Lafferty found a way to send the adventurous couple on one final excursion.