Time Capsule. Whether your child is graduating from preschool or college or somewhere in between, this cool craft captures the moment and the memories that will accompany the big day. Include anything you want — anything special from the day — and be sure to designate a day in the future to break it open and relive the memories. 


School Days Scrapbook. Send your favorite graduate on her way with a scrapbook that organizes and displays her school years. Use a page to commemorate every year she was in school with pictures, notes, ticket stubs, or whatever stood out as noteworthy that year. Trust me, your teary-eyed grad will flip through this scrapbook many times. 

Signature frame. This gift is a snap to put together, but it's one that any graduate will be sure to love. Include the signatures of family, friends and teachers on the mat around the photo, and it will be a yearbook display that your grad will cherish.  

Grad caps. For the graduate with a sweet tooth, these chocolate graduation caps are sure to be a hit. The instructions call for peanut butter cups, chocolate-covered graham crackers, and fruit leather — all of which you can find in organic varieties to make your graduation gift that much sweeter! 

Money lei. Let's face it. What do graduates want (and need) more than anything else? Money. But that doesn't mean you have to go with a boring old money card. I love this money lei as a unique and fun way to hand over the bills.  

Crafty gifts for graduates
Honor your favorite student with one of these 5 slick craft ideas.