Need some summer craft inspiration? Flag Day is Thursday, June 14.  The day marks the occasion that the flag that we know and love became the official flag of the United States, way back in 1777 (thanks Wikipedia!)  Honor the day, and the flag, with one of these cool Flag Day crafts for the kiddos.


Beaded American flag. This beautifully beaded flag doubles as a suncatcher you can hang in the window and show-off your patriotic spirit. Other than the beads and elastic, all you need is a simple drinking straw (or wooden dowel) to bring this flag to life.


Fan flag. This cool design is perfect for your next hot and sunny patriotic celebration. The flag design itself is freestyle, so you can get creative with paints, or keep it simple with crayon, depending upon what suits your child's mood.  

Handprint flag. I love this sweet flag design from Muffin Tin Mom that doubles as a family keepsake. Your child will love the patriotic paint job they get to do on their fingers!  

Mosaic flag. Um, yeah ... I know that this is not exactly an American flag, but the design idea is cool and can easily be adapted to make an American flag, right? (It's a French flag, in case you were wondering. Bastille Day is right around the corner after all!)

Child's flag. This craft idea from Iowa Farmer's Wife reminded me that sometimes the best crafts are the simplest. You don't need a lot of fancy supplies or templates to complete this project, just paper, glue and a child's eye for design.  

Crafty ideas to celebrate Flag Day
Honor the flag and celebrate summer with these fun, festive and patriotic crafts.