Sign at KFC raising money for diabetes researchReally KFC?

First, there was your "pinkwashed" attempt to cure cancer with fried chicken, then there was your scary idea to get young kids to dress up like Colonel Sanders for Halloween. But this latest gimmick tops them all.

A Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise owner in Utah has come up with a rather misguided way to raise funds for diabetes research. As you can see from this photo at left, this sign at KFC encourages customers to buy the Mega Jug of soda to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Say what?

To be clear, I am well aware that JRDF is a nonprofit focused on Type 1 diabetes and this particular type of diabetes is not caused by diet. It is Type 2 diabetes that has been linked to obesity. However, I'm pretty sure that folks with either type of diabetes would be discouraged from consuming a beverage with 800 calories and 224 grams of sugar.

It's great that this particular franchise owner wanted to give back to his community, but encouraging people to consume more than half of a day's caloric needs via a nutrition-less beverage was not exactly the brightest of ideas. At the very least, the owner could have tied this promotion to sales of grilled chicken rather than soda.

Photo credit: Selfish Giving

Curing diabetes with soda?
KFC's disastrous campaign to raise money for diabetes research through soda sales.