My daughters are big fans of the show "Phineas and Ferb" which — if you've ever watched the show you know — means they spend many hours each day theorizing how to build a rocket-fueled-dog-feeder or a tower-sized-backyard-sprinkle machine. But generally, they get the idea that these notions aren't really destined to leave the drawing board.

One Ohio dad, however, didn't get this memo. Instead, he turned his children's request for something to play with in the backyard into a quest to make the impossible possible. Jon Cain, of Lancaster, Ohio, built a roller coaster, with an outrageous 12-foot drop right in his family's backyard.

The Cains uploaded footage of their backyard creation a few months ago, but for some reason it only recently went viral. According to the video's description, Cain built the coaster out of PVC pipe, treated lumber, and concrete.

Check it out ...

What do you think? Do the Cains deserve the award for parents of the year or what?

Dad builds outrageous backyard roller coaster for daughter
Ohio dad builds awesome roller coaster -- complete with 12-foot drop -- in his own backyard.