Like most dads, Mike Wilson would do anything for his kids — and he recently proved it when he slipped into a custom-made Spider Man suit to surprise his kids for his son's fifth birthday.

You see, this wasn't just any birthday. Wilson's son, Jayden, was diagnosed with an aggressive brain stem tumor shortly after his fourth birthday. Wilson and his wife feared that their son would not live to see his fifth birthday, and doctors don't think the boy will live another year.

So Wilson wanted to make this birthday one to remember by dressing up as Jayden's favorite superhero. 

A hidden Go-Pro captured the moment when Jayden stepped outside to see Spider Man leap off the roof and into his driveway. Wilson, aka Spidey-dad, asks Jayden if he is having a good birthday and how old he is before asking if the boy will give him a hug. With their embrace, the whole family breaks out into celebration. You might want to break out the tissue box before you watch:

“Having a father-son hug is one thing, but for your son to hug you as their hero, as their superhero idol, was amazing,” Wilson, said in a phone interview with the "Today" show. “Looking back at doing that for Jayden, it was definitely a highlight of my life,” he said. “To be able to provide a dream for your child, it’s an overwhelming thing to provide your son.”

Wilson was overwhelmed with the response to his video. He tweeted "spider dad video has blown up. I'm so grateful for all the kind messages. Social media is amazing." YouTube commenters have exploded with praise for Wilson, calling him the "best dad of the year." We couldn't agree more.

To follow along with Jayden's journey and to donate to the family, visit their #hopeforjayden GoFundMe page.  

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