Born and raised in Detroit, Dan Davis knows how hard it is for some families to make ends meet — let alone find the money and resources for family entertainment. He also knows how much trouble kids can get into when they are bored or hanging out in places where their parents can't see them.

That's why Davis has converted the vacant lots in his neighborhood into spaces where families can have some fun. In the lot next to his house, he built and erected a homemade movie screen on which he shows kid-friendly movies and music videos. He also installed a bonfire pit, a swing set, a barbecue grill, and weights for working out.

Davis also collected more than 500 old tires from junkyards and old tire shops and used them to create a border around a string of vacant lots down the block. This makeshift field is now a go-cart track and athletic field where kids play flag football and other games.  

In his younger years, Davis got into some trouble with the law for stealing, but now that he is a father to two girls ages 5 and 4, the Detroit dad is focused on the wants and needs of his children and his community.  

In addition to all of the fun and games, Davis works hard to keep his neighborhood clean. In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, Davis told reporters that when he first moved to the Washburn area neighborhood where he now lives, it took him three days to pick up all of the trash that lined the streets. Davis has since placed trash cans around the neighborhood to discourage littering. He also mows the grass in his own yard and throughout the neighborhood to keep everything looking tidy.  

Davis said he hopes his efforts encourage kids to take pride in their community. 

Check out Davis' handiwork in the video below:


Dad transforms neighborhood into family fun zone
Detroit-area dad creates a go-cart track and a movie screen to bring family entertainment to his neighborhood.