Mompetitors. Even if you've never heard the term before, I'm sure you know just the kind of mom it refers to. Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

It really hits the nail on the head, doesn't it? If you've ever spent time at a playground, library, school parking lot, or anywhere else that moms congregate, I'm sure you've at least overhead a conversation like this at some point.

What makes moms (and dads) turn parenthood into a competitive sport? Jenna Hatfield recently wrote a post over at BlogHer about Mompetitors. I was immediately taken back to the days when my eldest was first born. We lived in a small town in North Carolina at the time — a lovely town with a flourishing main street, an excellent sushi restaurant, and lots of families.  

My family was new to the area, so we had no friends, no family nearby, and no clue. I tried a few times to break into the stay-at-home mommy world; first at the library's storytime (a disaster) and second at the local community park (also a disaster).

Maybe it was me; maybe it was them. More likely, it was some combination of both, but let's just say that I didn't shed a whole lot of tears when we moved from that lovely little town to our current home in Virginia.  

As a green mom, it seems like you are constantly under a microscope, and that your choices instantly invite scrutiny and debate (like if your child is wearing cloth diapers but playing with a plastic toy.)

But I'm happy to say that I found my niche in this happy little town, and my girls and I have more friends than we can shake a stick at. I still overhear and get sucked into conversations with mompetitors occasionally, but now I don't let them rattle me.  I just walk away.

How do you deal with mompetitors?

Dealing with mompetitors
How do you deal with moms who turn parenthood into a competitive sport?