With Mother's Day on our radar this weekend, I thought it might be a good time to share with you two of my favorite posts on motherhood that have recently hit the Web. They are both such good reminders — each in their own way — of what this role of "Mother" is all about.  

Start with Lea Grover's Dear Less-Than-Perfect Mom. It's a lovely letter written to remind us all that we are not superwomen, nor do we need to be. Sometimes, I have great days where I manage to check every item off of my to-do list while feeding the kids nutritious meals, shuffling them back and forth between school-ballet-scouts-and-home, cleaning the house, and writing a few posts. But those days are few and far between. In fact, I think that may have happened only once. And I paid for it by coming down with the flu the next day. Aiming for perfect just isn't worth it.  

Now that you have accepted your role as a less-than-perfect albeit still-amazing mom, be sure to read Allison Tate's Not Long and Not Forever. Unlike Tate, my "baby" is not a baby anymore. But I can still empathize with every sentence of her post. I still think of both of my girls as babies, even if they are 10 and 7. And I still try to cherish every single one of their milestones and achievements, even though those now include things like riding a bike without training wheels or building a balloon-powered rocket car. And I hope that I always will. Because even though they are out of diapers and reading their own books at bedtime, I know that these moments — right now — they won't last long. And they won't last forever.  

Happy Mother's Day to all of you. Enjoy your day!

Dear Mom, Dear Baby
For Mother's Day, a set of posts that remind us what being a mother is all about.