"Out of clutter lies simplicity."

--Albert Einstein
"He who loves most, spends most,
He who hoards much loses much"
-– Laot
With two kids, a dog, an on-the-go firefighting husband, school and a writing business (not to mention school, soccer practices, ballet and gymnastics) we see a good deal of clutter in our house. On most days, I feel like all I do from morning to night is put things away. Occasionally, I can actually stay ahead of the game and the house doesn't look any worse for the wear by the end of the day. On other days, hectic schedules mean that the chaos gets away from me, and we're left with a cluttered mess come bed time.
I try to keep this mess under control ... more for my own sanity than anything else, but I never really realized before that keeping clutter to a minimum is actually the greener way to go. Here's why:
Reducing clutter saves resources
How often have you purchased something only to find that you already had an identical item collecting cobwebs in your closet? When I don't stay organized, this happens to me more than I care to admit. When I get rid of the clutter, I know exactly what I have and where it is when I need it. So I don't have to waste resources (not to mention money!) buying another one.
Reducing clutter saves your sanity
Living in clutter makes every task you do just a little more difficult. It's hard to make a waste-free lunch if you can't find the right sized reusable containers or you don't know what you did with the lunchbox. Even organic food purchases will be wasted if they rot at the back of the fridge. Get rid of the clutter and you can save your sanity while saving the planet.
Reducing clutter shares the wealth
You know what they say about one person's junk? That old board game that your family never plays could be the perfect fit for another family. Those old sweaters in your kid's closet may keep another kid warm without the use of new resources. You don't have to give everything away for free — have a yard sale, place an ad in your local paper or list the item on Craigslist to turn your clutter into cash.
Declutter to go green
How to use what you have and get rid of the rest.