With mellow beats and a dynamic rapping voice, rapper DJ Cavem sounds at first like many others of his genre.  But a closer listen to his music reveals an artist with a greater purpose - one for educating kids about the benefits of healthy eating and taking care of the earth.

Take for instance, his song 'Wheat Grass,'  in which Cavem - aka Ietef Vita - urges kids to "plant a seed," and "cultivate the earth."  In the video (shown below,) Cavem talks his buddy out of buying a bag of potato chips and introduces kids to the concept of community gardening. Check it out:

A vegan since he was 15, DJ Cavem (it stands for 'Communicating Awareness Victoriously Educating the Masses,') has recently starting taking his message into Denver, Colorado classrooms and summer camps.  Cavem teaches kids about going green, organic gardening, and environmental activism -- all with a hip-hop twist.

"You need a little swagger with these kids," he says. "This genre creates lots of gangstas; why not gardeners?"

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