disney bagsThe Center for Environmental Health (CEH), a national eco-watchdog group, is always on the lookout for toxins in consumer products, particularly in children's products. They found them recently in high levels in Disney shopping bags.

CEH's independent lab testing found high levels of lead, in violation of California law, in Disney “Toy Story” and “Cars” reusable plastic shopping bags purchased from Safeway. The bags contained more than 15 times the federal limit for lead in children’s products. 

CEH has sent legal notices to Disney, Safeway and Advanced Publisher — the company that produces the bags — informing them of the testing results and subsequent violation. The Walt Disney Co. said in a statement that they were looking into the claims.  

"The safety of products bearing the Disney name or our characters is of utmost important to us," the company said. "We require that all Disney products must be tested by our licensees and manufacturers, and that they comply with all laws before being shipped. We are currently in contact with our licensee, Advance Publishers, to ensure that these bags were tested and are in compliance."

Photo courtesy of Center for Environmental Health

Disney bags contain high levels of lead
Environmental agency finds excessive lead levels in Disney shopping bags.