It's that time of year again. Time to pack up the books, put the backpacks in storage, and get ready for summer! But before your kids kick the school dust from their shoes, make sure they take a moment to say thanks to the teachers (and assistants, coaches and other staff) who made her school year special. Here are a few cool crafts that I found around the Web to help your child show her gratitude with style:

Stamps of Approval: This is a cute craft that is easy for even the youngest kids to make. And I love that the stamps can be personalized to match the tastes of the kids and/or their favorite teachers.

Colorful hall pass: What teacher wouldn't love a collection of cool custom hall passes for her future students? You can make one general "Hall Pass" or several special passes that say "Office", "Library", "Nurse", "Bathroom" and "Lunch".

Bouquet of thanks: This craft is designed as a gift to be given from the whole class, with each flower holding a gift card for school supplies, books, or the local coffee shop. But there's no reason that you couldn't adapt this gift so that it came from one child and held notes in each flower telling your child's teacher just how special she is!

Altered clipboard: Turn an old humdrum clipboard into this elegant organizer with a few scrapbooking supplies. You can use papers and cutouts to match the teacher — beekers and lab equipment for science teachers, geometry patterns for math teachers, or a sports theme for coaches and PE teachers.  

DIY: Teacher appreciation gifts
Did your child have a great year in school thanks to a special teacher? Show your appreciation with one of these easy, eco gift ideas.