Love is in the air! And that means Valentine's Day is right around the corner. What better way to show someone you care then to make them a valentine that comes from the heart? There is no limit to the styles, designs and materials you can use to make your cards. Need a little inspiration? Here are six cute designs to let your love shine:

Cupid Heart: I'm usually not very fond of foam craft projects because the foam itself is not very green and because the crafts rarely come out looking right. But this homemade Valentine's Day card is the exception. It uses two foam hearts glued together with a feathered stick threaded in between. I have to admit that it really comes out looking cool. So if you happen to have some of these foam hearts in your craft box (recycled card stock would also work) you can whip up a valentine that Cupid would be proud of.

Give A Hoot: This Valentine is a "wise" choice for the classroom. Kids can make one for each of their friends and include a fun pencil that their classmates will love.

Love Bug: You'll need quite a few supplies (felt, embroidery thread, cardstock, and an unfinished wooden angel shape, among other items) to put this lady-love-bug together, but the results are well worth it. You probably wouldn't want to make one for every kid in the classroom, but it makes a perfect card for the teacher ... or even for mom and dad!
DIY Valentine's Day cards
6 handmade card designs for all of your favorite sweethearts.