The other day, I witnessed a Facebook fued in which one of the posters actually tried to defend the argument that teachers get paid way too much for the "minimal" amount of work they are asked to do.  After all, they are generally off by 3:00 pm and have the whole summer to waste away by the poolside, right?  

Anyone who knows anything about teaching knows how ridiculous that statement is.  But just in case you weren't sure, I think this infographic lays it out pretty neatly.  And the sad fact of the matter is that many teachers make much less than the $49K in the example.  So can you imagine doing all of that work for even less than that?  Welcome to the life of a teacher.  
Now might be a good time to say thank you to all of your kids' teachers.  Or better yet, call up one of your own teachers and give them  big old 'thanks.'
Teachers Don
Do teachers get paid too much? [Infographic]
With their regular schedule and summers off, you might think that teachers have it made. Time to think again.