Do you give your children gifts to celebrate the end of the school year?  I have one friend who gives her kids fairly elaborate gifts - one year it was a DS for her son and an iTouch for her daughter. The gifts weren't tied to grades, they were her way of congratulating her kids for all of their hard work throughout the school year.  Another friend waits for the report card to come in a few weeks after school has ended and gives her kids some cold hard cash depending upon how many A's or B's they earned.

I like to give my girls end of school year presents, but they aren't tied to grades or even really to school.  Instead, I like to think of them as "Welcome Summer," gifts and they have always been outdoor-related items that they can play with during the summer - scooters, jump ropes, hula hoops, bubble get the idea.  Nothing big.  Just a fun toy or two that will get them moving and grooving outside.

Seeing the differences between myself and my two friends on how we handle end of the year gifts, I was curious to learn how other families do it.  I posed the question recently on Facebook and learned that there is a wide spectrum of choices when it comes to the ways my circle of friends celebrate.  Some take elaborate vacations.  Others give gifts, ranging from toy trinkets to expensive electronics.  And still others focus on the last day of school traditions that I wrote about this morning, taking kids out to lunch and ice cream to mark the occasion.  

There is no right or wrong answer here.  It all depends upon what you and your family like to do.  Do you give your children gifts to mark the end of the school year (or celebrate the beginning of summer?)

Do you give your kids end-of-school-year gifts?
From ice cream to electronics, families find interesting ways to mark the end of the school year.