There's a new social media selfie game running around Facebook. It's not dangerous, but it's interesting to know what it's about. If your teen has recently posted a photo with the tagline "HMU4TBH," she is playing along with the game.

HMU4ATBH means "Hit me up for a 'To Be Honest.'"

Here's how the game works: Your teen posts a selfie (probably duck faced ... maybe "fierce,") with the status HMU4ATBH. This is an invite for all of her friends to "like" the status. Once they do, she goes to their pages and posts a "to be honest," statement. It could be anything from silly to sexy such as "To be honest, I miss having geometry class with you," or "To be honest you have awesome hair," or "To be honest you are hot."

So sure, it could be nothing more than a self-esteem booster — but it could lead to something, so it's worth keeping an eye on, especially if your teen has a bunch of "To be honest" posts on her page. Why? Because while you may be able to trust your teen's judgment in the kind of posts she writes, you probably can't say the same for all of her Facebook friends.

HMU4ATBH is the perfect example of the kind of game that is fun for teens but would be decidedly less-so for adults. Can you imagine how lame our 'TBH' statements would be? "To be honest, you are a bad tipper," or "To be honest, you need to wash your car," or "To be honest, your kid needs a haircut." Better just let the teens have their fun with this one.

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