I read this hilarious post yesterday — Uncorked in the Burbs: Down the Rabbit Hole (aka The Easter jig is up) — and it got me thinking about how this whole Easter Bunny thing is going to work this year with my own second-grader.

In her post, the writer laments the fact that her daughter is likely to see through the thin Easter Bunny cover story this year and want a better explanation for how and why a giant bunny enters their home and leaves them baskets filled with plastic chicken eggs and candy.

From her post:

"I just don’t know how to make a reasonable-sounding argument that connects pastel-colored chicken eggs, fake grass in a woven basket, candy … and a huge, man-sized rabbit. The whole series of events is so bizarre that any attempt I make is half-hearted at best."

I'm at this same stage with my oldest as well. In the past, she has been willing to overlook certain inconsistencies regarding other major holidays and events with explanations about old men and reindeer that can traverse the entire world in a single night and tooth fairies that are building castles in the sky with her baby teeth. But a giant, egg-wielding rabbit?

She's already started with the questions. "Why does the Easter Bunny hide eggs?" "Why do we have to color eggs?" "Are the eggs for the Easter Bunny or for us?" and so on and so on. And like Kellie the writer, I'm having a difficult time pulling together the pieces of this story in even a remotely logical way.

But I'm not giving in — because if I do, and my eldest learns the truth about the Easter Bunny, I can almost guarantee that she will eagerly spill the jelly beans to her younger sister. And if the Easter Bunny falls, it's just a short hop before we see the other magical holiday icons fall, too.

So I'm determined to use every ounce of creative storytelling, every iota of theory weaving, and every bit of distraction I can conjure up to keep the magic alive for both of my kids for at least one more year. Wish me luck.

Do your kids still believe in the Easter Bunny?
MNN's Family Blogger wants to keep the magic and mayhem of the Easter Bunny story alive for one more year for her two kids ... but how?