Think it's too cold to get outdoors.  Think again!  A daily dose of the outdoors will improve your family's overall well-being and inspire a life-long appreciation of wildlife and nature.  Sure, your kids probably won't want to play outdoors as much as they would on a warmer day, but that doesn't mean they should be shut indoors until summer.  So bundle then up (and yourself too) and head outside for a little fresh air. Here are some great outdoor winter activities to try with your kids:

  1. Make a nature notebook.
  2. Play flashlight tag.
  3. Take nature pictures.
  4. Run an obstacle course.
  5. Pack a winter picnic.
  6. Have a snowball throwing contest.
  7. Try your hand at snow painting.
For more ideas, be sure to check out this post on 50 Things to Do On Cold Days.  Ans keep your tootsies from freezing with the ideas in 5 Tips to Stay Warm During Winter Activities (hint: dress in layers, stay dry, and keep your head, feet, and hands toasty.)

Photo by MooersRealty

Don't let the cold keep you in
7 great ideas for winter fun that are worth bundling up for!