It's been a busy week on the World Wide Web, and thanks to my Facebook vacation, I've had time to read a lot more posts than usual. This week, there were five in particular that stood out as must-reads for folks with a few extra Facebook-free minutes to spare this weekend. Check them out if you can ...

1. Youth Service America's 10 Ways to End Childhood Hunger. I stumbled across this post a few days ago and find myself continually coming back to it to look for ways to implement these ideas in my home, with my kids, and within my larger community. Our local food pantry was hit hard this past winter, and I'm sure this was not simply an isolated case. It breaks my heart to think of hungry kids in my community, and I was grateful to see this list of ways to address the issue.

2, Gimundo's 25 Rules for Mothers of Boys: I do not have sons, but I was still deeply touched by this thoughtful list of "rules" shared by author Tabitha Studer on raising young boys. Most of the rules, such as "Be a cheerleader for his life," and "Give Him Something to Believe In," are equally appropriate for girls and boys. And all are worth the read and reflection.

3. A woman after my own heart, Tiffany Washko of Nature Moms, states her Case for Once a Month Cleaning. Would your family go for this type of arrangement? If cleaning is the bane of your existence (as it is mine,) this might be worth a shot!

4. Even if you're not a touchy-feely type person, you are likely to be moved by Just.Be.Enough's post on The Power of Touch. It certainly made me think about the times in my life when someone's touch has made a powerful impact. And also on how my touch might affect those around me.

5. Finally, if you're a Bert and Ernie fan, you'll be interested to know about this campaign launched by "Sesame Street" to get 1 billion page views on their YouTube channel. They are very close — as of this writing they have 978,247,378 of their 1 billion views. And when they do hit a billion, they will release a top-secret video to share with their fans. This is one campaign the kids will be glad to help with! Here's more from Telly on how you can help:

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A plea for help from 'Sesame Street' and the case for once-a-month cleaning top this week's list of must-read parenting posts.