Milk carton Easter bunny: This is a quick and easy craft to do with a few little kids or a big group of older kids. We're doing it with my daughter's girl scout troop next week and I just know that the girls are going to love putting these together?  Not only does this bunny keep a milk carton out of the trash can, but it also helps parents keep their sanity in the store's Easter aisle.  What kid would want a pre-made plastic basket when they've got a handmade bunny basket at home?

Chocolate egg topiary: I love how simple and beautiful this Easter topiary craft is.  And I love that it lets you enjoy all of those chocolate eggs that come home without the kids, without actually having to eat them all!

Bird's nest Easter card: This beautiful card is the perfect way to wish your favorite nature lover a very hoppy holiday. It also makes a great centerpiece that can be enjoyed all season long.

Ducky tennis ball chick: Got a few tennis ball duds laying around?  If not, hit the thrift store where you are sure to find a bunch.  Add a little foam and feathers and you can "hatch" your very own ducky decoration.

Boiled egg bunny:  This bunny isn't really a craft, per se, but it is a fun and creative way to serve kids a decorative breakfast on Easter morning.  One hard boiled egg (along with a few chives, carrots, and pimentos) makes two cute Easter bunnies.

Easy eco-crafts for Easter
Get a head start on your Easter celebrations with these fun and festive crafts for the holiday.