On January 1 of this year, National Park Ranger Margaret Anderson of Mount Rainier National Park was fatally shot in the line of duty, leaving behind a devastated park service family as well as a husband and two beautiful young daughters.  


As a member of that park service family, I have written several posts about Ranger Anderson: her death and her legacy, but tonight I want to share a post about how we can all do a little something to help the people she left behind.  


Friends, family and the National Park Foundation are hosting an eBay auction, starting today and running until February 23, with all proceeds benefiting Ranger Anderson's family.  There are some great items for sale, like this beautiful handmade woven basket, a brand new hooded sweatshirt made from recycled fabrics, a solar panel backpack, or even this tandem bike.  The auction also includes gift certificates for restaurants, hair salons, massages, or even big-box stores like Wal-Mart or Bed, Bath and Beyond.  


The National Park Foundation has established a memorial fund in honor of Margaret Anderson to benefit her two little girls.  If you would prefer to make a direct monetary donation, you can do that too at: https://nationalparks.org/margaretanderson



eBay auction to honor fallen Mount Rainier ranger
eBay auction and National Park Foundation fund to raise money for the family of fallen ranger, Margaret Anderson.