With three girls in the house, those pesky toilet paper tubes accumulate faster than you can say pencil holder craft.  So we're always looking for cool craft ideas, and for other ways to reuse those tubes (and the ones from paper towels) before they hit the recycling bin.  Here's a few of my favorite tips:

  • Donate old toilet paper or paper towel tubes to your local school or library to use as craft projects.
  • Use toilet paper tubes as packing material.
  • Give them to your pet hamster or bird (or to a friend that has one) to play with.
  • Store holiday lights by rolling them around paper towel tubes to prevent tangling.
  • Attach 2 or 3 toilet paper and/or paper towel tubes together to make an art organizer that holds pens, paint brushes, markers, etc.
  • Do a Craft: Here are some great craft ideas for reusing toilet paper and paper towel tubes:
Eco-craft: Reusing paper towel tubes
Easy ways to give cardboard tubes a second life before they hit the recycling bin.