Yesterday, the Natural Resources Defense Council made bold move on the front to ban BPA. The group filed a court challenge to the Food and Drug Administration's handling of bisphenol A, or BPA.  

Over 20-months ago, the NRDC filed a request with the FDA to bar the controversial chemical from food packaging.  There was some hope in January when the agency declared it has "some concerns" about the chemical's effects on child and neo-natal health.

However, since that time no other changes have taken effect regarding BPA.  THe NRDC charges the FDA with dragging its feet on BPA. 

"The FDA has failed to safeguard the food supply and protect the public from harm," NRDC attorney Aaron Colangelo said in a statement on the filing. "The FDA's failure to regulate this chemical in food packaging in unjustified, and so we are forced to ask the court to intervene and order the agency to take action."

Eco-group sues FDA over BPA
Natural Resources Defense Council files a court challenge over the Food and Drug Administration's handling of bisphenol A.