The online learning platform ePals recently hosted a worldwide K-12 competition for students to submit videos, songs, speeches and presentations on climate change, which would then be hand delivered to world leaders in Copenhagen. The goal of  the competition was to educate students on climate change, and provide them with a way to take action.  

Entries poured in from all over the world and each entry was evaluated for thoughtful selection of issues; overall effectiveness of delivery; quality of content; creativity; technical quality; and adherence to the format guidelines of the contest.

This week, the contest organizers announced 30 winners out of more than 500 entries. Winning entries of the Students Speak! contest were compiled onto a DVD which will be presented to world leaders this week in Copenhagen. Check out the ePals website to see all 30 winning entries.  

Will it make a difference? It will to the students who used this competition as an opportunity to speak out on an issue that will surely affect their generation. Let's just hope the world leaders are listening.

Photo from "The Earth's Future," a winning entry in the 11-13 division.

Eco kids speak out on climate change
Kids present a DVD of videos, songs, speeches and presentations on climate change to world leaders in Copenhagen.