Like to read your green on the go? Check out these mags geared toward helping green parents raise green kids.

Mothering Magazine: Mothering magazine is the perfect mag for the deep green mom. Born in 1976, this mag was around way before "green parenting" was in fashion. It's goal is to help parents raise healthy children via a natural family lifestyle. Mothering magazine is ... excuse the pun ... the mother of all deep green magazines. But if you lean towards a lighter shade of green, this mag might not be for you. Mothering is unapologetic — and unwavering — in its stances on vaccination (NO), breastfeeding (YES) and homeschooling (Preferred.)

Kiwi Magazine: Parents who are new to the green scene, or those who seek a little more balance in their eco-articles, will enjoy Kiwi Magazine. Kiwi is a relatively new magazine that aims to help parents make the best choices, with the best information available, in the shortest amount of time. The goal is to help parents find the right balance between the real world and the ideal world.

Inspired Parenting Magazine: Another new magazine that has hit the green scene is Inspired Parenting, the magazine for "forward-thinking parents" that aims to help all children achieve their fullest potential, regardless of where they live, how they might be labeled, or what behavioral, physical or mental challenges they may be facing. Inspired Parenting emphasizes compassion, kindness, empathy, inclusion and respect for all of nature's creations.

Eco-parenting mags for every shade of green
Eco-magazines to help parents get their green on the go.