Arts and crafts: Break out the non-toxic, eco-savvy art supplies and let your child have a ball coloring, painting, or working with clay. Raid the recycling bin to find new and different craft supplies like egg cartons, carton caps, and plastic tubs.  There is literally no end to the number of craft projects you can try with your baby. More often than not, if you simply set out a few materials, your baby’s natural creativity and curiosity will kick in and get her going. If you need a little inspiration, learn how to make twig baskets, clay pots, potato stamps, and dozens of other eco-friendly projects from the book Nature’s Art Box, by Laura C. Martin. Online, check out Kinderart or Kaboose.

Touchy feely: You don’t need a houseful of toys to entertain your baby. More often than not, he will delight in exploring the touch and feel of common items around your home. Make up a small batch of spaghetti, allow it to cool, and let your baby play with it. She’ll love the way it wiggles and slide through her fingers. Toss the spaghetti on the compost pile when finished. Or make up a batch of slippery silk, also known as “gloop” by mixing corn flour with a little water and letting her squish it through her fingers. Another idea is to make your baby a treasure basket containing everyday touchy feely objects, such as a brush, a piece of bark, sea shells, crinkly paper, sponges, or fine-grade sandpaper.

Eco-reads: There is nothing quite like snuggling up with your baby and a good book.  Reading to him, even at this young age is a great way for you both to relax and bond.  And it also helps to boost your baby’s brain power and expose him to language and concepts from the world around him. So pick up a favorite book, snuggle up your favorite chair and read the day away.

Get movin': Just becuase you're stuck indoors doesn't mean you have to sit still all day.  Challenge your kids to a recycling race, set up an indoor obstacle course or stetch out with some yoga moves to burn up energy and keep everybody happy.

Eco-play for a rainy day
Stuck indoors? Here are some great green ways to pass the day.