OK, I know that summer is almost over, but I'm not quite ready to give it up. That's why I'm at the beach with my family this weekend for one last hold-on-to-summer vacation before my kids head back to school. And with the Labor Day holiday approaching, I know many of you will pack up your families and do the same. So join me in hanging onto summer just a little bit longer by checking out these green posts for the beach.

Beach tips: Want to go green at the beach? Try out the tips from The New Ecologist and the Huffington Post on greening your beach vacation.

Beach reads: For eco-savvy reading on the beach, check out MNN Lifestyle blogger Siel's tips over at her Green LA Girl site in her post on green beach reads to save you money, feed your soul, change your life. You could also pick out books from Grist's list of 15 green books you can read at the beach.

Beach dreams: If your beach dreaming has you inspired to build your own green house, check out this post from Uniquely Modern about a green beach house in Long Island, N.Y., with green finishes, eco-savvy fixtures and banister posts made from reclaimed pilings.

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Eco-reads to help you green your beach weekend
Headed to the beach for one last summer hurrah? Check out these posts on greening your beach vacation.