Can you believe that 2008 is already coming to a close?  With 2009 just a few short hours away, this is a great time to reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly from 2008 and think of ways to make 2009 your best year ever.  Are you and your family ready to really make a difference in 2009?  Try making a pledge to go easy on the planet with one (or all) of these eco-resolutions:

  1. Slash trash: Take note of how much trash you generate and make every effort to reduce it.
  2. Eat your greens: Make a pledge to reduce your family's carbon footprint by replacing one or more meat meals a week with veggie meals.  Keep it simple..think cheese pizza, macaroni and cheese, bean burritos, and spaghetti with tomatoe sauce to get you started!
  3. Start a compost pile: Check out this post on starting a compost pile with your kids and make a family plan to do it.
  4. Park it: Make every effort to walk, bike, or take public transit instead of driving the family car.
  5. Control your temp: Bump your thermostat down one (or more) degrees in the winter and up in the summer to reduce the amount of energy you use each day.
Eco-resolutions for 2009
Make 2009 a green year to remember with these eco-savvy resolutions.