Guess what today is? If you've already had your bed short-sheeted or fell victim to the old saran-wrap-on-the-faucet gag, you probably already know that today is April Fool's Day. A day to prank and be pranked, all in the spirit of good fun. Looking for a few family friendly pranks to get those near and dear to you? Here are a handful of fun ideas from around the web.

Alarm clock sneak attack. Set the alarm clock of your intended victim and hide it away somewhere in his or her room. One warning on this one. It will be funny if you set the alarm for say, 5 minutes before they have to get up, or even for the middle of the day when the clamor will drive them a little batty. But if you cost your victim some serious sleep by setting the alarm for the middle of the night, be prepared for a cranky reception.

Lost shoes. Grab one shoe from each pair in your prankee's closet and hide them away. Try not to giggle too loudly while they search frantically for their footwear!

50 shades of cereal. Just toss a few drops of blue (or red, or green, or yellow) food dye into your victim's cereal. Be sure to look confused when they tell you something is amiss with their breakfast.

Impossible word scramble. A word scramble that doesn't unscramble. Your prankee will think they've lost their minds, until the read the answer key at the bottom of the page and realize they've been pranked!

Malfunctioning mouse. This one's sure to get everyone in the family at least once. Just tape a small piece of paper to the bottom of your computer's mouse. It will keep the mouse from registering on the computer! Be sure to write "April Fool's!" on the paper so that when your victim finally flips it over he'll know he's been had.

Family-friendly April Fool's Day pranks
Are you ready for a little mischief? Here are some fun and easy pranks sure to trick everyone in your family!